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but it seems like they're gonna place their bets with the Company. (Because there's not enough animosity between them? She actually provides Tara with some excellent advice about the reality of being a professional ballerina, and she warns her against pursuing a life edged in physical pain.

) Tara's back is acting up, so she's forbidden to practice, which drives her into the arms of... - Saskia is apparently an expert on Firebird, and now that Sir Jeffrey is out, she's been sacked. (WHICH, LET' S NOT FORGET THAT YOU CAUSED, SASKIA.) She refuses to help Tara if she persists with Firebird, so Tara goes with her recommendation of an easier yet more expressive solo, Persephone.

It's safe to say that he's got it in spades now, and his last dance is gorgeously angry and heartbreaking.

- Now that they're finally together, Abigail and Wes are SUPER CUTE and PDA-y.

Backstage (What happened on the episode) - SO MUCH CHRISTIAN AND BEN AND TARA ANGST!

After Christian shows up at Tara's hotel room at the end of the previous episode, they stay up all night, talking and goofing off, until Tara falls sleep, whispering, "Christian, I love you." Which in Christian-speak means, "RUN FAR FAR AWAY." The next day, Ben refuses to let Tara break up with him, because he's both an idiot and a big ole sweetheart.

But it's okay, because Jayden is obviously way more awesome than those two idiots combined.For the latter, he lands a lifeguarding gig, and Tara comes by to visit him, which results in some K-I-S-S-I-N-G in the pool! But then Christian has to go and say, "I don't think I'm ever going to love anyone the way I love you." And now I'm all conflicted again. Ice Queen with Bangs), is the new artistic director, and no one knows what she's looking for in the upcoming auditions.